01/12/2014 10:05

The Only Trustworthy Dropshipping, Global Access and for only $19.95

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I used my credit card to pay for the subscription and I have contacted my bank to dispute the charges. After talking to my bank's representative she felt it was a fraudulent charge also. So if you do use them research first and use a credit card only, so that you can have some recourse through your bank. This company is located in Orem Utah. I am also going to explore any remedies I have through the Utah State Dept of Commerce.

They sold me because they advertise that they are a certified ebay drop shipper. I hope that ebay will take a close look at them because they are using the ebay logo and reputation to sell their service. THIS COMPANY IS A MIDDLEMAN OPERATION THEY MAKE MONEY ON FEES AND PRODUCTS. LOCATE A DROPSHIPPING COMPANY, PAY THEIR FEE, GET A FED TAX ID NUMBER AND START MAKING MONEY ON EBAY AS A REAL, PROFESSIONAL AUCTION BUSINESS. As an update I did get my money refunded after going to the Better Business Bureau and the State consumer fraud department.